Credit: Mohammed Idris

“I can see my peoples misery. I constantly think about my Rohingya nation and their stories of crisis, murder, torture and rape. I feel the responsibilty to take a step on my own and to show the feeling and mood of my nation to the world. That’s why I chose phtography for my life-long mission.”

Abul Kalam, Award-winning Rohingya photographer

This is my personal selection of awesome Rohingya photographers. I got to know them more and more through Facebook and Instagram and can proudly say that many of them are my friends now. Some of these photographers are already quite famous and got attention already worldwide. With their photography they contribute to the important work of human rights organisations, news agencies and international newspapers and help to show the daily life as a Rohingya refugee inside the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

But also all the others, who just feel the need to catch certain moments, people or situations with their camera need to be acknowledged here. With their strong and authentic photos they make an incredible impact and touch every viewer deeply. I want to thank every single one of them. All the photos shown are brilliant, often shocking in their reality, yet often just incredibly beautiful at the same time. Only photography is able to do that.

Most photographers don’t own a professional camera though and use their mobiles for portraying the life around them. That’s why the resolution of the pictures is mostly low and the quality is not as good as the photos truly deserve. Anyway I’m privileged to have the consent of every photographer to show their photos here. I hope that with time more photographers contribute to this page and will fill it with life.