Credit: Sal Man

“I ran from village to village, crawled among corpses.
The river I crossed became an ocean, the days I wandered on my bare feet to reach safety is still a nightmare.”

Ro Yassin Abdumonab, Rohingya refugee

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Fortify Rights and 16 individual compainants seek accountability for the Rohingya genocide and coup-related atrocities.
Jan. 24, 2023

Criminal Complaint Filed in Germany against Myanmar Generals for Atrocity Crimes – Fortify Rights

Please download and read the new report “First they targeted our culture and language” elaborated by a team of Rohingya youths about the worrying development regarding the ongoing extinction and vanishing of the Rohingya culture.

Now out to order: “A chance to breathe. A photography book by Rohingya refugees.”

New report out to download on Rohingya human trafficking in Malaysia demanding to prosecute officials involved and mishandled investigation.

Out now! The first fascinating issue of the “Rohingyatographer Magazine” now available online! Get your copy over

“Helping communities build back in Cox’s Bazar”, report by Zia Hero Naing for

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PDF “Lockdown and shutdown”, Exposing the impacts of recent network disruptions in Myanmar and Bangladesh


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Threads, Changing Lives, stich by stich. Women, story telling and embroidery doucmentary (2014)

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Rohingya video song. Video sample with electric guitar, cymbals, and drum

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Why No Goodbye? A novel by Pamela L Laskin (Nov 2019)

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Shafiur Rahman. Bangladeshi photographer

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Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade. Al Jazera (Mar 2018)

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Kraben Rahu (Manta Ray). A friendship story of Thai fisherman who rescues Rohingya refugee (2018)

Displaced. VOA Documentary (2018)

Myanmar Killing Fields. A special investigation into the mass exodus of Rohingya. SBS Documentary (2018)

I am Rohingya. VR film made in the refugee camps by Contrast and AJ+ (2018)

I Am Rohingya: A Genocide in Four Acts. Documentary produced by Rohingya youth in Toronto (2018)

Ali & the Long Journey to Australia. Refugee children’s story turned into a claymation video. The Guardian (Jun 2018)

Exiled To Nowhere-Burma’s Rohingya. Photo-documentary by Greg Constantine (2017)

The Journey. Majid Adin (2017)

The Floating man. Jobair Babu (2017)

Aqérat (We, The Dead). Edmun Yeo ( (2017)

Four Days With a Rohingya Family in Exile (Dec 2017). The New York Times

Space on Earth. BRAC advertising produced in the camps launching a TV into space (2017)

Bangladesh: United Nations Delegation Visits Burmese Refugee Camp In Bangladesh (1978)

Arakan during WWII. Several footages from Pathe and Reuters (1940-1944)

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New Webpage and Blog by the Rohingya historian Aman Ullah

ARNO (Arakan Rohingya National Organisation)

Rohingya Project Blockchain ecosystem project

Links of Rohingya Websites Worldwide

Potential partners:

Libraries Without Borders & Ideas Box. Collecting Rohingya stories and folktales to explore the collective imaginary

Books Unbound. A project by Sophie Danielson reconnecting Rohingya families worldwide

Hirondelle Foundation. Audio programs in the camps (music recordings)

Nayeen Kalam. Rohingya photographer based in Chittagong (passed away Sep 2019)

Nihab Rahman. Cox’s Bazar based photographer

Aman Ullah. Rohingya historian living in Chittagong

Michael W Charney. SOAS Historian expert on Burma history

Artolution. Collective murals in the camps

Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington (Rohingya exhibition scheduled for Jan 2020 curated by Greg Constantine)

Memory Project. Refugee portrait drawing project

Testimony Tailors. Rohingya refugee women garment cooperative

Paraa Studio (Dhaka). Bamboo Playground