Credit: Mohammed Idris

Out now! The second issue of this fascinating magazine is now online!

Totally thrilled that the second issue of the “Rohingyatographer Magazine” was in the mail today.

Out now! The first issue of this fascinating photography-magazine is now online!

Amazing photography showing Rohingya through all generations.

The unstoppable, all destroying fires in the camps.

How can we find the proper words for something that is not possible to put in words?

Chinlone: A strong Rohingya passion for a Burmese ball sport

Chinlone, also known as cane ball, is a traditional, national sport in Myanmar.

Photo essay of the all destroying Balukhali camp fire 22/03/21

On March 22, 2021 a gigantic fire broke out in the Balukhali refugee camps. This inferno burned down everything into ashes, leaving 50.000 Rohingya survivors shelterless.

The hopes of the Rohingya

Three months ago no one would ever have imagined this.

A Refugee Father

Being a refugee and a father of a daughter, I feel very worried about this girl’s life.


Bringing hope, colours and joy inside the refugee camps of this world, with “Artolution”.

More precious than gold: Water!

For all of us in this world water is the most precious natural resource we have.

The importance of soccer to the Rohingya

Like in every country of the western world soccer also plays a very important role in the life of the people of Myanmar, including the Rohingya.

Photo essay of Rohingya life in winter

More than 1 million Rohingya are surviving in the world largest refugee camp since 2017.

Testimony Tailors: “No need to hide our faces”

Some months ago I was lucky to run across the webpage of “Testimony Tailors.”

Access to the Internet is a Human Right

For all of us living outside of Rakhine State, Myanmar and outside of the refugee camps of Cox´s Bazar it´s simply unimaginable to be cut off from the internet.

When medical treatment is luxury…

Some days ago I got a terrible message from one of my best Rohingya friends who is also living in the refugee camps of Cox´s Bazar, Bangladesh.