This current edition introduces more talented Rohingya photographers, also writers and artists, and deals with the subject „elements“.

It’s again so remarkable and important in many ways. First it serves as a platform for self-expression, community development and life documentation for a growing group of young, enthusiastic Rohingya youths.

Secondly it serves also as a valid source for showing the still ongoing genocide – something that can’t be valued enough for any research in the future.

Thirdly it’s a cultural product which – like in all fields of art – creates humanity and gives value and hope – something so urgently needed in times of crisis, and something so necessary to determine the world we want to live in tomorrow.

And fourth this collection of photos, including the breathtaking paintings of the awesome artist Enayet Khan, brings us closer to the so vulnerable, yet incredibly strong and resilient Rohingya community.

The Rohingya need to be assured that they are not forgotten, that they have our ongoing full attention, our deepest respect, our love and support. Get your copy today!